Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Heat Pump Warranty

Lately we have been inudated by customers worried about the servicing of their heat pumps.
It turns out that some of our compeditors have been cold calling people and telling them that they need to get their units serviced or their warranty will be void.
This is of course not true as all you have to do is keep your indoor filters clean and outdoor unit free from leaves and plastic bags etc.
The only time there is a warranty issue is if you don't clean your filters and dirt carries through the filters on to the cooling/heating coil where it can build bacteria,smell etc. This dirt over time can block the drain from the indoor unit. Cleaning coils and drains is not paid for by the manufacturers.
There have also been instances of customers being told that they have to change the refrigerant in their units every year which is a complete nonsense as the refrigerant will last for ever, unless it leaks out.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New information on BabyHeating

Last night I was talking to Marcus Lushes' Producer about Baby deaths due to Heat pumps being too hot and evidently 2 babys have died in the South Island (something I was unaware of).
I did some research with my business partner's wife Kirsty (who has a new baby) and she informed me that plunket recommend 16 - 20 deg C. Kirsty sets her baby's heat pump on 17 deg C, so that if the temperature drops below 17 deg overnight the unit will maintain the set temperature. She also dresses baby suitably being carefull not to overheat baby, which evidently is quite a common thing to do.
Before these discussions I always thought that 21 - 22 deg would be a good baby temperature, but you learn something every day.
We sell lots of heat pumps for baby nurseries (as you can dial up the temperature that you want) and the constant temperature setting idea still is going to give you the best result.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Summer Special from Panasonic

Summer is on the way and the heating side of the business is slowing as people are gearing up for the warm weather, and getting their heat pump/air-conditioners serviced. If you are thinking about a unit to cool your home, office or bedroom, now is a good time to act and beat the summer rush. Panasonic are giving away a breadmaker or slow cooker with  every heat pump/air-conditioner bought before the end of November.